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June 24, 2011

End of Season

I planned on doing shows this year but a few glitches in the Matrix stopped me. Not upset, I know next season I will come back even better. I'm taking some time off from the gym. Most of July so my tendonitis in my arm ( see pic to the left ) can heal and just to have some fun. I've been dieting on and off a very long time.

Plan is to maintain and/or add a little size then cut and hit the stage. My trainer Joe Franco suggests that I weigh no more than 135 in the off season which is where I am now. But will hopefully add more size and not that much fluff. I am wondering what my magic number on stage will be I keep thinking it may be around 117? I hold a decent amount of muscle. Here is a back shot to end the season too. I plan to update more though.

Also I have a new PR with dumbbell chest press 45 lbs I think I did 4 reps. not too shabby...

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  1. Another informational, enjoyable post to read.......thanks for putting it together.