September 23, 2010

I eat this...

So day 4 and so far so good. Currently at -70.6 from my all time heaviest weight. With about 25 to go, I think. It's so hard to judge I have to just look at photos and trust Joe Franco when it gets close.

While I'm planning on doing August shows, I really want to do one spring one so my Nana can see me compete. Eastern Regionals is near her house too. As you can see that is why I have the ticker up...

Weight Training
3 x 6 x 30 lb dbs chest press PR


  1. Broccoli and chicken, a couple of my favorites :) I do hope you get the chance to compete in the spring near your nana's home.

  2. awesome way to get a PR withchest press!!!
    and i agree with lynn-do hope you can compete in the spring!

  3. Thanks Melissa! I really want to shock people this time!

    Lynn - thanks for your kind words!

    Thanks for folowing ladies ;)