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November 25, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving

I'm having family over tomorrow and doing most of the cooking... Pics will follow end of day tomorrow. I weighed in today and I am only up 7 lbs from Yorton. Still haven't really started eating clean yet so this is a good sign. Plan is to eat tomorrow and Friday I go super strict for a week. I plan to zig zag my calories. The tools on that site are really fantastic. I'm going to do it for a week then I go to Colorado for a few days and when I return I plan to diet hard until Christmas. Take that day off then diet until the cruise in January. I need to maintain or lose weigh up until the cruise so that I can do spring shows. I was hoping to do South East States. But it may not be possible. I don't want to do a show unless I'm competitive this time.

In other news, I was looking at this suit. I think it's pretty cute. I'm not quite ready to wear a two piece at this point. But I want to wear something like the above I may not be down with the print but I like the style. You can find it here

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