September 3, 2009

This is why I want to compete, people like Veronica

I found my competing mojo thanks to my buddy, Double D

I was secretly dieting for Joe Franco's show earlier this summer. I started at 133 lbs, dieting for 3 weeks and got to 126 lbs, then I lost the desire to continue. Dieting sucked. Training sucked. My attitude sucked. I decided not to force myself to continue.

Since July, I've been able to maintain 126-127 lbs. Earlier this week, I saw a facebook post from Double D. I read through her entire blog. I'm soooooo proud of her. She has come so far and she maintains such a great attitude. She told me earlier today "I lost 65 lbs. Who needs a trophy." I'm inspired, because she doesn't care about the destination… She's enjoying the journey.

You know... the two shows that I had the MOST fun where my first two shows. And in the grand scheme of things I wasn't competitive in either show. My first show in 2006, I was all smiles and even though I wasn't even in the top 10 I couldn't stop smiling after that show. At Reemo's show (my 2nd show) I was sooooooooooo happy. I had so much fun backstage. I got trophies, but I really didn't care.

I started smelling myself (old southern term for I got to big for my britches) and got too focused on winning. Charm City '06 I had a horrible time because I wanted to win. I placed fourth and spent 20 minutes in my car crying before heading to the after party. Yorton '06 I had a good time only b/c I knew I was going to place well. Same with Sully's show in 07. Then for Richmond I was soooooooo focused on the pro card that I ended up stressing myself out. I was obsessed with looking a certain way. The stressed caused my body to retaliate and I couldn't lose the weight. I got humbled with my first ever last place.

All that to say….

I'm so excited to join Double D on her journey to the Yorton Cup. I don't care what I look like or how I place. I just want to share in the experience. Dieting starts when I get back from the Dominican Republic, which will be a little over 9 weeks..... and speaking of weeks... NicWeeks (Nicole Weeks) will be helping me with my diet.

Mailed in my entry form today, so there is no turning back!!!!

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