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January 1, 2009

Gold's Gym 2009 Transformation Challenge

Went to the gym this AM thinking I would't be a part of this since it's a weight loss contest and that is not in line with my goals. BUT, it's a transformation challenge instead, you were photographed, weighed and measured by a Gold's Gym employee. The photos are the only thing I am not crazy about but it's a chance of winning 12,500 dollars! I have time to decide, the contest is not starting until after my cruise.

So two years ago today I was totally numb from the waist down, last year I was doing 3 x 12 light chest press and today I did 85 lb smith press. What a great day... just wish I would stop coughing.

-29.5 lbs


  1. As someone who is struggling with a newly diagnosed illness which may take me out of lifting and all my sports loves; thank you for the timeline! It's so good to hear that although it may take time, years, you are just cranking along! Zoey

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