November 6, 2008

Transgender or Transvestite at Golds Gym today.

Okay,  I have no problem with gender reassignment or whatever you feel you need to do with your own sexual organs. Not my concern. But when you show up at Gold's today in white thigh high black striped socks, tiny pink short shorts and an old school pink half shirt, I become a little concerned. Why you ask? Because he kept hanging out in the ladies room. Now this could be a person that already had the surgery. BUT it could be some crazy man that shaved his legs, stuffed his chest  and wants to see naked women at 6 in the morning. We confirmed he was a man when we saw an adam's apple the size of a peach peach bobbling around. Plus he was around 6'3'' with bear claw hands.

When he walked by one woman loudly said, "If you have a penis, You are not welcome in here!" For the record, I didn't dare  look below to the vicinity of  the Richard Simmons tighty shorts in pink. I was however, slightly mesmerized by the sun visor and pigtails. Pretty sure I saw light blue eyeshadow and pink gloss as well.

Well I hope he is not back tomorrow, I would like to shower in peace and privacy.

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