November 1, 2008

One year Post Cervical Fusion

I can't believe how fast time went by, it's been a year since my fusion and 1.5 from my lumbar surgery. Here is what I am left with....

Left hand - fingertips still numb all the time
Still have problems with hands falling asleep when sleeping and they get very numb
Vertigo on and off
Bending my neck forward sometimes I feel odd sensations in my feet
Facial nuralgia - on and off

These are what I am left with in regards to my cervical surgery, I still have issues due to my lumbar surgery that are slightly different andmainly in the lower body of course.

To celebrate the year I went to the gym and did some heavier training. I was able to push and do 25 lbs db shoulder presses today which is a big deal for me, considering I never thought I would be able to do that again.


  1. Dawn, your dedication is amazing and inspiring. So many others with your obstacles would not have the same drive and attitude as yourself. Way to go!!!