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October 23, 2008

UPS man or Brown linen suit, not a clue...

Something new I saw at the gym yesterday, and with today being a repeat performance, how can I not mention it? I saw a guy in an all brown (in what looked like linen pants suit) doing barbell chest press, squats and tricep press downs. I didn't want to stare but I didn't know what else to do.  He had the shirt sleeves rolled up perfectly, hair nice and tidy too. It was freakish.

Today he was back, this time in a similar outfit with shorts. I saw no trace of UPS anywhere on his shirt, shorts or high socks. He also had what appeared to be a clipboard clipped to his belt buckle. Again he was weight training in this get up. I don't have an effing clue what this dude is doing. He caught me staring too, I have NO interest in him so I need to be more discreet!

We'll see tomorrow!

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