October 20, 2008

Smith Machine Chest Press and Heels...

It's shallow I know but since my surgeries I haven't felt like myself both in the gym and outside the gym. I  am use to wearing 4 inch heels on a daily basis. Wearing a 2 inch heel I find both unflattering and frankly embarrassing, I told you it was shallow....

Anyway, I bought a pair of heels this weekend, 2.5 inch to be exact and am wearing them now. Mentally I feel so much more like myself. It's amazing what a shoe can do for your self esteem. I am only wearing them around the office, I wouldn't walk up or down stairs in them or around the city but in the office,  I feel much more normal. If they fare well with my back and I have no new pain or any sort of numbness. I will be beyond thrilled. My surgeon said I could wear heels a few hours at a time so I finally have the nerve to give it a shot.

I also went for the Smith Machine chest press today. Of course no one ever re-racks their weights but this time it only had 45 lb plates on either side so I went ahead and re-racked and did a few sets. This is huge for me. I haven't used the smith for any exercise since December 2006. Although i wanted to add the correct weight for the bar on the smith, (everyone seems to have a different number for the real weight), I am estimating 20 lbs. So I was able to do 100 chest press on the machine. I felt like myself again! It was great!

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