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July 12, 2008

Team Sully/Team Reemo

I'm receiving a new training plan hopefully Monday or Tuesday. I now have two people I am working with and this way I can pick and choose what I do. Here are props to both of them:

Team Reemo
Team Sully

Like I said I am no longer claiming a specific show to do since my pattern seemed to always fail me. I do have a few spring shows in mind though. I am doing this diet right now

But I can't be sure on the spring shows since we just booked a January cruise and I will be around 15 weeks out at that point. I am fine with not drinking but not so sure how I will handle the food.

Boring update! Sorry all

OH! there was a girl who emailed me to link her to my blog. Happy to do it, I deleted your email by accident so shoot me another email and I will do it!

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