December 6, 2007

Let it snow , let it snow, let it snow....

Well the weather is terrible and I am a prisoner at home again. Could be much worse so no real complaints... Here is my first week with Sully. First I want to do a metabolic adjustment phase. Now this is a mini-clense/fast and is not designed for weight loss. This is to help correct any metabolic and digestive disorders that occurred through poor diet, overtraining and Holiday eating (can you say Christmas party?) I use this plan to come back to clean eating at the start of a growth phase and to start a clean diet. It starts with a 7 day cleanse and moves to the baseline diet I can adjust from there. You may want to start this phase after Christmas because the diet is so regimented. Here is how the first seven days look.

Day #1 - Eat 6 meals of a soft protein with a soft complex carb and cooked veggies. You should be eating white fish, eggs, yogurt or cottage cheese and protein powder (whey). For complex carbs its oats, brown rice or cooked sweet potato. Cooked veggies are green beans, broc., squash, sprouts etc. Eat till slightly full, get all 6 meals in but no complex carbs for meals 5 & 6.

Day #2 - Same as above, but only eggs or whey for protein.

Day #3 - As much fresh fruit and RAW veggies as you can eat. 6-7 whey shakes each day spaced out.

Day #4 - Get the blender out. Have 6 shakes consisting of blended raw fruit, veggies and whey protein.

Day #5 - Same as day 4.

Day #6 - Same as day 3.

Day #7 - Same as day 2

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