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November 2, 2007

One day post surgery

I'm back. It's been a little over 24 hours post surgery and I am quite surprised how well I am doing. I have no need for pain meds at all. I filled the prescription just in case. The hospital room was nice and big and I had it all to myself. I even had a flat screen TV. Nice menu to order whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted as well. Although my mouth is only able to open the size of mailbox slot.
So my husband had to cut my fruit up into little pieces so I could shove it in there. My food plan is instant mashed potatoes/oatmeal/jello and protein shakes. He is home with me for the next week so he can make all of this for me during the day. Even though I feel decent I am certainly not going to overdo it in any capacity.

Right hand has some relief
Left hand some relief but less than right hand
Legs are not numb but that stopped a week ago. The main symptoms I had going into surgery was vertigo, headaches and hand numbness. I have trouble swallowing, talking and my throat is sore, as well as the incision. But not much more to report.


  1. Hey girl i'll be watching you. Glad you aren't in too much pain. Hopefully this is the end. On to the Beginning, I expect to see someone on stage sometime soon!!! :)

  2. thanks tosha, I am going nuts here!