November 15, 2007

Looking ahead to 38 weeks out...

11/25 will start my new goals. This year has been so unpredictable but to keep myself sane. I will consider this date 38 weeks out from 2008 OCB Presidential Cup. It's going to be a tough goal knowing I can't even think about weight training until February (I am assuming) and when that is approved it's going to be pretty pathetically light weights. But there is nothing I would ever risk, to put me back to where I am now, ever. One good thing about figure competition as a goal is that all you do is eat healthy and do some weight training. But the diet can begin on 11/25 and by then I am almost positive I am going to be asked to start cardio. After being approved to be in the car for a mile or so ( my gym is only a mile away) then I can start to drop weight for my goal.

Other OCB possibilities for the year:
2008 Charm City Classic
2008 Yorton Cup

And there is USBF Pro-AM. But we'll see, whatever happens will happen. No matter what I can start to prepare and see where it takes me.

Once 11/25 hits, I will start posting meals and any possible activity I am allowed. Soon progress pictures will follow. A great place to find meals and great fitness advice is Renee or Skwigg.

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