October 7, 2007

I'm a zebra!

My surgeon used an analogy, that I am sure to get wrong since it's 5:44 am, but I'll give it a shot...

"If you are in the woods, and hear footsteps that
resemble a horse, don't assume it's a horse...it could be a zebra."

my friends am the zebra. After many, many, many, appointments and possible diagnosis. My surgeon now believes my issues are indeed coming from my neck. It's not 100% for sure but I know for a fact he wouldn't operate unless he felt it would improve my situation. He is very conservative and doesn't even give out pain pills. Not that I've ever asked for them. So I am headed in for ... drum roll please...

cervical fusion!

This will be no cake walk, and I certainly hope most of my symptoms go away. My recovery will suck, but you won't here me complaining one minute... I never expect to be 100% free of nerve issues and numbness. But that's ok... No worries here.

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