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October 26, 2007

Don't double space - it's just wrong.

Ok ,so I got an email from someone trying to do business with me. Is it so wrong of me to email him back and and inform him that double spacing through email is "old school"?

"It is generally accepted that the practice of putting two spaces at the end of a sentence is a carryover from the days of typewriters with monospaced typefaces."

"The only time more than 1 space was used in a line of type was when we had to justify the line to the full margins."
Madisonhank, describing typesetting before digital type

I didn't actually quote that to him but I did mention that it is no longer acceptable to double space between sentences through email. Quite frankly, I found it hard to take the email seriously. LOL! Maybe I should stay at home all the time to be sure I do not hurt people's feelings LOL.

P.S. I don't claim to be a grammar, sentence structure or punctuation guru, however that was a glaring error. At least an error to me and it looked foolish.

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  1. sigh. Have you ever tried to tell your thumb to quit with the double tap? have pity on us old people.