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June 23, 2007

worked full time last week

so this past week was my first shot at full time and I did fine. I am honestly having more issues with my hands than back at this point. So at least part of me is working. I am seeing Rosenthal on Wednesday and plan to discuss my plan of action over my hands. I may have to have an MRI for my stupid neck. We'll see, I can't figure out why this happened now. SIGH... it's so frustrating. I do know neck surgery is not at all likely for me. I am hoping it's not even a possibility.

It's time for me to start cutting weight again. I had my first week back. I can cook, shop and do cardio so this is the week to get going. I want to compete next spring and my competition isn't sitting around eating bagels. I will continue to eat one meal and one snack off each week until very close to the show.

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