June 6, 2007


Second session of ART therapy today - I have high hopes that it will work for me. I am sure it will take 6-8 sessions for any noticeable difference but I will continue to go. I know that using my laptop at the kitchen table creates more numbness in my hands, and pain. So that isn't going to happen anymore. I'll use my laptop a few times a day on a chair in the TV room. Sitting up for more than 30 minutes straight is still uncomfortable. So it's a challenge to stay home like this and keep busy. Plus I believe using this laptop is not helping with the issues in my hands.

I walked 45 minutes today around the neighborhood again. It's a nice change from the treadmill for sure. Plus when you walk somewhere, you have to walk back home, you have no choice but to continue on.

Symptoms today:
Right foot tiny bit of numbness on and off Left foot same area, above arch to toes numb and on and off numbness in leg - Lower back pretty uncomfortable today, due to sitting up longer than I should have.

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