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June 16, 2007

am I mean? I think not

I know there are a lot of bleeding hearts out there that give money each morning to the homeless, who stand there on the corner each and every day. I guess it's a "good thing to do" But I have to ask, How is that person standing there entitled to my money? Guess what my childhood could rival some news stories you've heard, when I was first married I had major financial troubles, most recently medical issues going on 7 months that has had me out of work MOST of this year. Should I stand on the corner and beg for money? No one is entitled to my money, your money or anyone's money who wakes up each day to go to work and makes something of themselves. You feel bad for them because they are dirty? Hell I spill food on my shirt everyday, I'd be an effing millionaire at this point. Their biggest problem is weather! Can you say that? It's raining today.. how will I cope!

I realize that not all people standing there are bad, some people literally have had the worst deck of cards dealt to them and do not have any coping, or problem solving skills. But I am talking about the majority of people standing there. The ones that choose to do nothing but beg, harass and guilt people.

This morning while walking, 50 minutes I may add, I spotted a guy in one of those brand new motorized carts. A nice one for sure. Had to cost at least a grand. He was sitting on the bench talking to another guy who was clearly homeless like him. They were laughing, talking sharing a coffee. As I approached with my gigantic Sony noise canceling headsets on, I see him talking to me. Much to my dismay, I lift one side of my headset. I knew it had to be good... He starts to say,"my shister's, daughtershs, cousinshins, I was like "ah yeah I gotta go!" Hopefully the "accent " came across correctly in translation. Why on earth does he think I care? let alone would give him money?! Oh I am so sorry about your family troubles, now once I give you this dollar will you wave your effing magic wand and fix my feet, back and hands? Jackass!

I know I am in the minority with this... but I don't care.

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