February 4, 2007


looks like I am getting a splash of good ole carpal tunnel. LMAO. is it funny no but in the scheme of things yes. I spend my days cramped over this laptop as it's my only social outlet right now and it appears I am going to have to limit my time on here. I know I am on here hours and hours a day and I will cut back to 2 or 3 at most and use a timer. What a pain in the ass!

Food today ... back to basics here, where I should be.

M1 egg whites/oatmeal/raisins
M2 double protein shake
M3 snack - slice of lowfat cheese
M4 egg whites/1 egg/mixed with vegetables

I need to have a few low days because I had several junk days in a row and I am cleaning up the diet. finally. I made a lot of false promises but my actions were on today.

Lots of fitness related days coming up I am looking forward to. posing practice and other events. I plan to go and be a spectator it will help me feel a part of everything and get away from this laptop!

tomorrow with the injection in site I was told I will be out of it for a few days. I'm ok with that. I just hope it does the job. I'm desperate here. I want to be ME so badly!!!

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