February 12, 2007

it's 5:47 and I am awake and...

headed to the gym!!! well not for a real workout like in the old days but to do my stretches and light cardio on the bike. I woke up to do this now not for any other reason than I am grateful I can. things are really looking up for me. I am done seeing doctors that are clueless and uninterested in my health.

I realize my stomach is numb due to the epidural injection last week. I can deal with that. I can even live with that if I had to. I am wearing shoes! I am walking pretty well in them and heading to traction later this morning. It doesn't get better than that!!

yes they are still numb/asleep but I finally feel a legitimate improvement - and I am grateful for that.

SOA is 10 weeks out. I have a goal of 1.75lb loss per week which is realistic. That is 17 lbs.

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