January 15, 2007


Goals for today:
start Sully's cleanse, I think I need something structured like this. He did give me a plan to follow while bed bound but I am going to do this flush because I sleep a lot and shakes will be a lot easier for me right now. It's not all shakes but a good amount. I'll weigh myself at the end of 7 days. so I will weigh in on January 22nd Monday. I haven't been doing terrible but the last two days haven't been great so I need to stop it now before I am bed-bound and fat. I would still love to wear those size 9 jeans by February 17th when Sully comes to town. Oh and I will be there even if on a stretcher I am going to that. no matter what!

here is the only problem... I am sleeping a lot because of the medication so eating all the meals is a bit difficult.

today I ate:
M1 4 egg whites/1 whole egg/red pepper/ pinch of lowfat cheese/ lightsytle oatmeal bread
M2 shrimp/vegetables/ bit of soy sauce
M3 Barilla higher protein pasta/ .25 cup of sauce /4 oz of shrimp/ .50 grapefruit
water not up...

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