December 15, 2006

Friday December 15, 2006

Light cardio AM, really in need of a break. I have to push it hard until Wednesday morning. then I will still do it but no more twice a day for sure.

planned free day

M1 protein bar
M2 crab meat
M3 salad w/ crab meat/ 6 pieces of pasta/ fruit slices gummy candy 10 pieces/ 2.5 pieces of chocolate/ small
M4 skipping
M5 pizza

I received my new plan from sully, I'm going to jump start and begin January 1 or even earlier. I have two meals with complex carbs so I am really looking forward to that. After the holidays it's hard core for me. I will do my 100% best to no longer have free meals. Currently they are allowed and they were allowed through mid- january. Once that day come they go. Yes I am down 40 but that is only the beginning of what I want to achieve. Tomorrow night is another free night. then strict again until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then Richard's birthday. Then a few more fridays. that is the schedule as of now.

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