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December 22, 2006

December Friday 22, 2006

made some mistakes the last few days. the injury got to my head and I've been eating off-plan. I am pretty miserable. It's got to stop immediatly and it will. Going to plan my day tomorrow now and head to the gym and do my best tomorrow am. I can't let this get me down.


  1. Just keep the big picture in mind - we all have days like this. In terms of how much progress you've made and the amount of effort and training it takes to develop new habits, you get nothing but gold starts. Really! I mean, in th epast, would you even have though to make a plan for the next day? See - that's progress - and it's part of "big picture" thinking - and being good to your fine self! - You got this.

  2. thanks Lisa... it's so hard. I have to realize injuries are going to be a part of this and I should be thankful it's 43 weeks out not 3 weeks out. =)